Sunday, March 14, 2010

i didn't chose this life, it chose me

When I was just a little boy, Grandpa had me, bouncing on his knee.
Telling me stories, about life, and how things used to be.

he told me boy this life is filled with cross roads, we've gotta make hard decisions everyday.
And we can a spend our whole lives wondrin. How it might have came out, if we had just gone the other way.

but in the end, what's it really matter,
we all, gotta play the cards were dealt.

And all the consequences ,of my, decisions.
Well they are there, in those pictures, that line that shelf.

and I wouldn't trade this life, I'm living.
As then I might not have this boy here on my knee.
And I know, he's gonna write his own history.

He's gonna change this world, you'll see.
and one day, hell be lookin back, backward. With his own, grandson, on his knee.

yeah son, that's the real beauty, of living this life and being free.
And even though I got to make the choices, hell I know, the one in charge it wasn't me. 0

I was just following my directions, wrote by, the man, who deals the cards.
Following, a path, that had been written, long before he put me in charge.

so son I just hope, you remember.
To thank him, once, in a while.

for all of your bad decisions, cause in the end they'll all work themselves out.
And if your lucky they'll lead to memories, and pictures to line your own shelves.

yes we get to make our own choices, its the beauty of being free.
But in the end I think you'll agree. T
the one thing I can say for certain, i didn't chose this life, it chose me.