Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Don't make you country

That  Cowboyhat don't make country 
A real cowboy don't got no shiny boots
It ain't about getting cowboy up on Friday night, after spending all week in a suit
I grew up fishing wasn't just pastime
It was about getting your family a meal 
And I'm thinking it's about time someone got to explaining, what's so wrong with this new deal
It's more about mud and blood and blisters and far less about to close you wear
And brother that somehow offended you, I hope you don't think I really care

Yeah I know lots of good people, struggling just to get their families by,
Meanwhile you're driving around in your excursion looking down your nose and I ask you why
You think you can call yourself country, cause your pop song has a little metal or steel guitar
And that they let this stuff on the Opry 
where Hank Williams blessed that very stage
Well that's the kind of stuff that I can get the putting, this old boy in a fit of rage

Feeling you

I know what I'm feeling as I've never felt something so true, and there ain't nothing right now that I'm feeling, that ain't feeling you