Friday, May 1, 2009

A revolution by the people, to put an end to this swine flu

wakin’ up this mornin’ turning on the morning news,
to the red alert warnings,
that now we can just sleep right through.

if your catching all their selling,
you’d probably go insane,
the planet’s warming, wall streets falling,
and everyone’s in pain.
switch the channel up one station,
and our president is leadin’ us all straight to hell,
eatin up all of our freedoms,
draining all our resources from the well.

I’m not sayin’ this shit ain’t scary,
and that we shouldn’t all care.
but if you keep on crying the sky is falling every time someone sneezes,
eventually we all quit paying attention for the flair.

as I finish my mornin’ coffee and get ready to meet the day,
another red alert, I’m not paying attention to anyway.

then I think it’s funny,
all these china men wearing doctor masks,
so I try to listen a little closer,
to see if maybe, some fat guy’s passin’ gas.
they tell me I need to hide from other people,
and everything I need to do,
because again the sky is falling,
here comes the Swine Flu.

everybody run and hide,
lock yourself inside your house,
tape your doors shut with duck tape,
and waist away on your couch.

I’m sorry if I’m not biting,
hell maybe this is the end,
but I don’t wanna go down a prisoner,
locked inside this cage you want me to build,
all to get your political point across,
about some seat we should have filled.

so to all of my good people,
being herded around like sheep,
by this crooked government and their puppet media,
that we all rely on so deep.

maybe it’s time we step back,
I think it’s way over due,
to look at the real problem,
these guys are our swine flu.

they feed us all these stories,
to manipulate us to believe,
we need to rely on them to save us,
in this web they try to weave.

maybe if they spent half the time they spend preaching;
and actually do their jobs,
then we wouldn’t be facing all these problems,
which will soon lead to angry mobs?

but maybe that’s what we need,
maybe its way over due,
a revolution by the people,
to put an end to this swine flu.

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