Wednesday, June 3, 2009

my island in the storm

in this dark and lonely wilderness,
I go through in my head,
woke up many a morning,
wishing I was dead,

I’ve had my fill of ups and downs, all along the way,
but I still woke up so lost and lonely, each and every day,
many would make the argument, that my soul cannot be saved,
to far gone on this road of wrong directions, that through my life I paved,

but somehow you look beyond what others could only see,
you’ve reached down deep inside, helping me to find me,

you took me by the hand, and walked with me through the storm,
and on this cold and lonesome journey, you made me feel so warm,

you show me light in darkness,
you show me hope in pain,
you show me love and kindness,
in the worst of mans known pain,

you teach me what is good in life, isn't always clearly marked as so,
you teach me what is bad in life, is put there to help us grow,

though many cannot seem to understand that, you still seem to try,
to shine your light upon them, to make them look for why,

and I hope that everyone one of them, gets to know you like I do,
gets a chance to see your glory, before their lives are through,

and lord we both know ill keep on sinning,
and wake up wondering why,
and we both know you'll keep on forgiving,
because we both know I try,

we will continue this walk together, just trying to find my soul,
so that we can end up together, and we will, this I know,

know that I appreciate your love, and that I won’t complain,
I won’t look down upon my hardships, or challenges in your name,

I thank you for my good times,
I thank you for my pain,
I thank you for all the broken hearts,
I’ve suffered along the way,

and I’ll just keep on a living, until my life is through,
knowing that you'll protect me, the way you always do,

this song ‘s for you sweet Jesus to thank you for your love,
and to remind me that sometimes in life we all need a shove,

so tomorrow I’ll start off again,
try to not do things so wrong,
and tomorrow evening I’ll sit back down again,
and write you another song,

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