Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chances are…..

chances are,
I’ve done too wrong for her to stay,
chances are,
she won't care what I have to say,
I’ll end up sad and lonely tonight,
chances are…

the odds are stacked against me,
no matter how I play,
should just let her leave,
she was too good for me anyway,
chances are…

I don’t know why,
I tried to make it work in the first place,
spending all this effort,
was really such a waste,
might as well,
let it happen, and just deal with the pain,
chances are…

but if it weren’t for taking chances,
and going against the odds,
I would never had the chance to hold her body,
so tightly in my arms.

working up the courage,
to ask her out on that first night,
never thinkin’ I had a chance,
but she looked so pretty in that moonlight,
and when I picked her up that Friday,
man what a sight,
and I’m not gonna let her get away this easy,
not without a fight,
chances are…

chances are,
I can convince her to stay,
chances are,
I’ll make it up to her some way,
chances are,
I can find the right words to make her stay,
and if I’m lucky,
I won’t end up alone tonight,
chances are…….

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