Sunday, October 4, 2009

I just call her the wind.

I just call her the wind.
She blows into and out of my life just as fast.
When I hit my lowest points, and need someone to help me feel again he sends her to me, to help awaken my senses, to breathe the breath of life back into my body. To give me the hunger and ambition to look for more.

But then he takes her away from me just as fast as he puts her in.
Maybe its because I’m not ready.
Maybe it’s because I’m weak.
Maybe its because I’m supposed to remain a lost soul, floating through this world meeting and helping other lost souls along the way.

And these angels are just sent to me and my greatest moments of weakness to help me feel again.
But gone just as fast as they show up.
And I just call her the wind.

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