Tuesday, December 15, 2009

no matter how I say it, I'm gonna say it wrong

no matter how I say it,
I’m gonna say it wrong.
so I’m hoping I can reach you,
through the medley of this song,

I sat down here with this bottle,
to try and find the words.
to try and make up for,
all the pain and hurt.

you know I love you baby,
and I tried so hard to be.
everything that you deserve,
and needed me to be.

but I fell into my weakness,
lost in selfish pride.
so now I know your leaving,
and I’m alone on this ride.

and I know that I can’t stop you,
you’re still gonna go away.
but I wish I had the magic words,
that could somehow make you stay.

I could stand here looking back,
to see what I could have done.
or stand here staring at the future,
hoping someday you come home.

but the truth is I’m lost here,
without you by my side.
you’re the one that hit that spot inside me,
that made me feel alive.

I know how bad I hurt you,
and I cannot make it right.
I asked him to take care of you,
when I talked to God last night.

and even though it hurts me,
to watch you go away.
I thank him for all the time we had,
each night when I pray.

as I close this song off,
I just wanted you to know.
I’m sorry for how I hurt you,
and feel it each step as you go.

so goodbye my baby,
I hope that you can find.
everything you’re needing,
to make you happy in this life.

and if this road should ever,
bring you back to me.
I hope by then I‘m strong enough,
to be the man you need.

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