Thursday, January 17, 2013

that my friend is what makes you a sheeple

that could never happen here is what they will say,
as I tell them our rights are being widdled away,
a speedy public trial with a right to defense,
for all individuals, that was the pretense,

but now the amendment called 6 hath been shaved,
signed bill into law this years NDAA,
indefinite detention at the discretion of few,
as they sit upon a throne, just enjoying the view,

terrorist will be the only ones jailed without trial,
i ask you my friend are you just in denial?,
if it wouldn’t happen here, not in this day,
ask our Japanese friends about world war 2 internment camps,
see what they say...

You cell phone conversations are not considered your own,
listening in at their whim, is this not considered your home?
wasn’t there an amendment once upon a time called the 4th?,
put in place to protect us from this kind of recourse?,

secure in their persons, everyone should thus be,
homes, papers, effects not unwarrantedly searched or seized,
probably cause for a warrant that was a fact,
but that chopped right away by the so called patriot act,

and what the hell is this nonsense about free speech zones,
did they read the same constitution that i keep in my home?
the right to trade freely? have you tried to start a business these days,
if i can dance around the licensing’s and regulations,
then its mountains of taxes i pay,

over my own body i should be the king,
yet they get to tell me what I can eat and drink?
the debt keeps on building, yet they print money from trees,
while our fortunes are spent on more wars overseas?

while our people starving, many losing their homes
instead of working to find ways to feed them,
let's just spend more money building drones?

To drop bombs on other nations, and worse to spy on our own,
tell me is this the nation I was so proud to call home?
this all enacted by politicians, left and right just the same,
and no one else gets a voice, that’s the name of their game,

this nation once belong to the people,
 now it seems to the chosen ones,
and your telling me don’t be scared...
just hand over your guns?

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