Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I know that asking you to love me is asking a lot,
I've done broken and busted every good thing I've touched,
And girl your so special I don't want that to be you,
I'd just walk away but o want to try and see this one through,
So baby if you let me ill try to do my best,
I've spent most or my life running away from my own mess,
But you've given me the courage to try and stand still,
And I'm still scared as hell, but I will if you will,

And I know trying to love me is a hard thing to do,
I've been trying for years, I'd you only knew,
But I've fought years in the darkness and with you I see a light,
And I'll be damned if I'm gonna let this go,
Not without a fight,
Just give me a chance, this is all new to me,
Spend my life hiding from being tied down just trying to be free,
But I never new real freedom until I heard you say my name,
It stripped off years of regret maybe even made me a little more sane,
So if you give me a chance, ill probably need ten,
But I'll try my damnest to get it right in the end,
All ill ask if that you let me, try to show you what this love means,
And in learning as I go, so ill probably drop some things,
But I'll fight on and keep on trying to get it right,
And I'll hope that you'll let me start with tonight...

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