Wednesday, August 28, 2013

suffer for strength

They say we suffer so that we can get stronger, to make us better for the journey ahead. After this life there is another journey, none of us know what's in store. If anyone was prepared for whatever lies next she will be ready, and I know full well that she will be waiting to welcome me with open arms when I arrive. Mother you were, are, and always will be my water, my air, my breath, my heart, the rhythm that keeps me flowing and the fluidity that gives me life. You helped guide me through this life and gave me the strength to be the man I have become. I know I made your job hard at times but you never showed wear, you always knew when and what I needed and were always there to provide. Your soul was weathered by many a storm but your heart fought on to give us all everything we needed to get through. We and this world owe you a debt that is unpayable for all that you provided and I only hope that you knew and carry with you to your next journey all the love that filled my heart. Until we meet in the next, I will dedicate this life to honoring you for everything. Love always your baby.

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