Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let's toast to adventure

Let's toast to adventures wherever they lead, 
This world was a gift,
For you and for me,

May our fortunes be many,
May our worries be few,
Many our nights not be lonely,
When our days are through,

May our skies be filled with sunshine,
until we need rain,
May we vast in our good times,
May we learn from our pain,

May we never stop searching,
For what it is we won't find,
For lifes in the journey,
And nothing will teach us that but time,

In a world filled with wonder,
May we only sit still,
To take in the majesty,
of what we have found,

May we do on to others,
as we'd hope to be done,
For at the end of this lifetime,
Our journeys just begun,

So as I met you my stranger,
I now call you friend,
Here's to hoping our paths,
Will one day cross again,

I'll take with me the memories,
Of the time we did share,
As from you I've learned lessons,
that will always be there,

As we take down this drink,
And get on our way,
Lets toast to adventure,
Through all of our days,

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