Wednesday, December 7, 2011

why won't you talk to me....

The memories sit so clearly,
In my mind of yesterday's,
Captured is every detail,
My mind won't let slip away,

From the moment that my eyes caught yours,
My first glimpse of that pretty smile,
My heart stopped right in its tracks,
And it took quite a while,

Until I could work up the nerve,
To go and ask your name,
And since that magic moment,
It's never quite been the same,

But now it's seems we have drifted,
And why I just don't see,
Ohhh Rachel why won't you talk to me...

Can't you remember the way it felt,
The way our hearts just seemed to melt,
As we sat there on that old boat dock,
Watching the stars glistening in the dark,
Talking about how there's so much in the world
that people just never see,
ohhh, Rachel why won't you talk to me...

With moments that just felt so right,
woke up parts of my soul that had been trapped inside,
laying there on that star lit night,
I can't remember the last time my heart ever felt so free,
Ohhh, Rachel why won't you talk to me...

I don't know what I did
could it have been so wrong,
But now I'm sitting here
feeling so alone,

If you could just give me.. some kind of sign,
Telling me how .. I could make it right,
Don't make me spend.. another restless night,
Trying to figure out what it could be,
Ohhh Rachel, why won't you talk to me,

someone must have done you so wrong,
Left afraid to let anyone get close,
I just wish that you would give me a chance,
Don't let those bad memories deny a romance,

That might be enough to help to battered souls,
Find a glimmering light to help lead them home,
And that might just be enough to set them free,
Ohhh, Rachel, why won't you talk to me....
Ohhh-ohhhh, Rachel, why won't you talk to me...

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