Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the first time i held that girl in my arms they way that it felt, it cant be ignored, oh her sould touched me, ohhhh, when she touched me and i felt so alive anytime she was near, my heart felt so free, sould ridden of fear, oh how her soul touched me, oh lord how she touched me, theres just something bout that woman that i can not explain that brought back to life a soul so burdened by pain, ohhh when she touched me ohhhh, how her soul touched me, somwhere in this world theres a place free of fear, a place where dreams dont die, they live on beyond years, a place where hearts are left unburdened by time, a place unexplainable by reason or rhyme, many spend their lives searching but never get near, many have gave up looking, but not me my dear, because i was there, ohhh, when you touched me, and i know that damn devil just wouldnt let me be, brought out my demons wrapped in insecurity, and and and i know that he hurt you, that bastard he hurt you, and ill never forgive him, or that part of me, for he chased away the answer to all of my dreams, and if i could turn this world right around on a dime, if it took me forever to somehow stop time, oh and go back babe, lord whould i go back babe, id go back to that moment when i held you in my arms, id leave time there frozen, no need to move on, oh how you touched me, how i felt when you touched me, i wont give up on searching, but it dont seem fair, ive got many mountains to climb, but i feel someday ill get there, to that place, ohhh that place that you took me, ill keep fighting these demons, i wont let them win, try to break free of this prison that ive been living in, lord in this mess ive made, i dont think it's to late, and whenever i get there, to that place far away, ill just keep on hoping that maybe someday, that ill get to see you, ohhhh, how sweet to see you, and maybe you'll remember that better part of me, the one you helped dig out, that you helped set free, ohhhh, how you touched me, how you helped set my soul free, and maybe you'll reach out your hand to take mine, and maybe you'll hold me again one more time, and maybe in that moment ill finally be free, and maybe ill shake these demons that keep haunting me, ohhhh, and maybe, just maybe there will be a better day, and maybe, just maybe, is all i can say, ohhh when she touched me, ohhh lord how she touched me, how she set my soul free, ohhh when she touched me, how her soul touched me....

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