Monday, September 27, 2010

the problem is...

Note: this was written by responses to facebook status messages that started from a friend, i thought it flowed nicely and one day may turn it into a song...

Population keeps breeding
Nation bleeding, still more feeding

Life is funny, skies are sunny
Bees make honey, who needs money?

I’d love to save the world,
But don’t know what to do
So ill just sit back
And leave it up to you

Progress is made, while regress still rains
To leave us in shade, and undress the pains

Emo it's not, but lies remain taught.
The elixir for all is well-reasoned thought.

we all cry for change,
but hide in our weakness,
when things fall apart,
we cry to others "pick up the pieces",

no longer take pride, to stand on our own,
just cry out for a savior, to stand on a throne,

how can anyone save you,
when its from yourself you need saved,
greed, lust, and envy,
have this broken road paved,

as long as we cry out for others to lead,
when all we want are handouts off which we can feed,

as long as we continue to teach our children to hate,
we are dooming this world to this lovely cursed fate,

so dont cry to me how everyone else is wrong,
when in the end we are all singing,
this same damn sad song,

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