Friday, February 25, 2011

Lead to anything

I've been buying shots of jeagar, and I brought my own Jim beam,
Hiding in a flask in my pocket,
Nights like this can lead to anything

It's been a ling hard week a working,
And I need to unwind,
At least that's the same excuse,
I keep using everytime,

On down yonder on a barstool,
Sits sweet Katie how she shines,
And lights up this dusky barroom,
Each and everytime,

Lord I hope that she's a staying,
When we both get tuned it's quite a scene,
Oh it's something bout these nights like this,
That can lead to anything,

Cause There's a full moon out in the sky,
Lord my mouth is feeling dry,
And each beer seems to flow right down like rain,
There's a cool breeze Out in the air,
Blowing down that mountain air,
And right about now I ain't feeling me no pain,

I said lord right about now I ain't feeling me no pain,
Oh yeaaahhhh, it's nights Like this that can lead to anything....

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