Wednesday, March 2, 2011

who i am...

sometimes i drink to much
and i end up falling down,
sometimes i get angry at the world,
and get a little loud,
and the places that i chose to hang,
typically have a rowdy crowd,

there are days that i wake up
and just want to fight the world,
for everything thats wrong with it
my blood it just get curled,

i sure love raising hell,
just to see the look on everyones face,
ive just never been any good at
fitting in to their rat race,

but a cane pole and a river bank,
a cold budlight or the 8 more i drank,
can find a way to calm me down,
or the sweet picking of an old guitar,
i just love the way it sounds,

i always try to help everyone any chance i can,
if your broke down on the side of the road,
well you can bet damn sure that im your man,

i never offer handouts,
but ill always offer a helpin hand,
and thats all you need to know,
if your wondering who i am,

on sunday mornings i go see mama,
some times we go to church,
sometimes satruday night makes that hard
cause damn my head does hurt,

my friends they all know who to come see
anytime that they are down,
do what i can to make them laugh,
never shy to play the clown,

ive never backed down from a fight,
no that ain't how i was raised,
ive always stood tall and took my knots
all throughout my days,

i definitely havent won them all,
but ive always made my stand,
and thats all you need to know
if your wondering who i am,

ive never been any good
at having anyone tell me what to do,
if i didnt always listen to ma and dad,
what makes you think ill listen to you,

i just like to lead my life
the best way that i see fit,
and if i aint hurting anyone,
you need to just stay the hell out of it,

maybe if we spent a little less time in our lives
telling others how to live,
we might find more time to do a little more,
and help the world with what we can give,

i might not know where my life will lead,
but everyone knows where i stand,
and thats all you need to know,
if your wondering who i am,

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