Monday, March 7, 2011

ive been shooting whiskey, youve been sipping gin

ive been shooting down this whiskey,
you been sipping on that gin,
all those stories that your telling me,
they keep somehow turning back to him,

i can tell your thinking of him,
but from the way your looking at me,
i can tell were getting into something,
that we really shouldnt be,

if i was a stronger man i'd walk away,
if i was a smarter man i'd run,
but since im only this same damn fool,
i think ill stay and have myself some fun,

god damn it girl your beautiful your body's so damn fine,
and i cant even keep my eyes on it as im so lost in your eyes,
with every shot of whiskey it just gets a little more clear,
that tomorrows hangover isnt all im taking home from here,

that there ring on your left hand well girl its got to go,
and lets just get lost in this night before we hit the road,

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