Friday, January 20, 2012

drown her out of my heart...

another sunday morning wake up call, is the ringing in my head,
pickin my pants off the floor, after sneaking out of bed,
whatever it was i did last night, i sure as hell dont recall,
and whoever this is lying next to me, well don't that just say it all,

mornings lately spent sleeping off the night before,
and evenings picking songs, getting tuned, and trying to keep myself up off the floor,
pretty girls come easily, when your up on the stage,
and loneliness, draws loneliness, it just sure seems that way,

the emptiness she left me with, just seems to drown my soul,
and no matter how high the night before, the mornings always feel so low,

id like to learn to love again, but i dont know where to start,
see i can drink her off my mind,but i cant drown her out my heart,

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