Tuesday, January 17, 2012

today I saw love

today I laid witness to love in its purest form,
sometimes it takes moments of sadness
to shed the blinders of perception from our souls
and allow us to see with our hearts.

today I saw love,
not love blinded by jealousy,
not love corrupted by hate,
not love invoked by lust or engulfed by greed,

today I saw shedding of ego's, supposed to's, and inhibitions,
I saw opening of hearts and following of souls,
souls allowing theirselves to feel completely,
reaching out to others to heal,
doing not what they wanted or were supposed to do,
but doing what they needed to,

I need no further proof that there exists life after death,
as today I saw death bring life,
life in it's truest form,
life solely and purely embodied in love...

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