Sunday, April 8, 2012

flying solo...

I fly solo a lot these days, but it's ok I was born that way, and besides that in never alone, I've got my friend the highway riding along,
And the new people I meet they all seem to smile, when I tell them where I've been, and I'll be back in a while, and When I do make it back their smiling again,
And a handshake or hug comes following then,
Some birds are to colorful to be caged, some were born to sit still, some were born to rage,
And hell I might not ever get to be old,
But what will live forever are the stories I've told,
So hopefully we will meet again somewhere down the street, and we can dance a jig or two of your feeling the beat, and if you ain't quite got that vibe in your shoes, I've got some corn whiskey in a jar that will put you in the mood,
But I can't stay not for to long,
Cause I'm just a lonely singer out looking for a song,

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