Tuesday, April 10, 2012

those were the times...

oh, how i miss it, oh, those were the times,
oh, the way they hit us,
couldnt explain through reason or rhyme,
oh, but how they left us,
and oh, how they leave us still,
... lives forever changed by something so surreal,

isnt it quite strange how getting lost,
is quite often the only way to be found,
or perhaps we are all really lost,
as this world seems to come unwound,

but somehow we were drawn together,
for such a precious moment of time,
so far far away,
from lifes daily endless grind,

but those days may have been short lived,
but within them an enternity spawned,
lives torn apart and put back together,
souls brought together as one,

and in that drunken stooper,
they found a way to heal,
sparking life back into fading bodies,
reminding them how to feel,

and bringing lost souls together,
and friendships that will never fade,
for just as mother ocean takes away from us,
she gives back with every wave

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