Thursday, April 26, 2012

please let me go

Yeah it's an awful life when I'm surrounded by you , I can't let go, don't know what I can do, Your memories all float around in my mind, reminding me of such a better time, And my heart breaks slowly each time that I think, That another day will go on, out here on the brink, Yes I've started falling the day you walked in, And the day you walked out pushed me over the ledge, Since then I've been falling, praying for the ground, believing that splat would be such a wonderful sound, right now i just sit here hoping for the pain, cause an end to this misery would be a great thing, But ur memory won't let go it just keeps hanging on, Telling me someday that you might not be gone, So I just keep sitting here floating through air, I closed my eyes once, open then if I dare, But that ground seems far, so damn far away, And the day that I hit it will be such a sweet day , Cause them maybe all of this pain will be gone, Of knowing I lost the only thing that kept me going on, See your love was like sunshine in a lifetime of rain, And I done chased it, I chased it, so damn far away, Got damn these old demons that won't let me go, And someday it will be better, at least they tell me so, But yet I keep falling just praying for the ground, Cause that hard hit would be wonderful I can imagine the sound, But yet I just keep on falling, don't seem like I'm going nowhere, Just keep hoping that you'll be back, Got damn it ain't fair, Just tell your damn memory to finally let me go, My souls grew damn tired it just wants to go home....

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